French Grapes for the Kentucky Derby Style

We are in that sweet spot in May, where the temperatures are mild in the morning and summery in the afternoons. So what does that mean for your daily shoes choices? Plan for the morning or afternoon temperatures? I say doesn’t matter, you should always choose boots! From reading my other posts you can see boots are my style, so even in this case, boots are still the way to go! Continue reading French Grapes for the Kentucky Derby Style

Bomber Season Part 5: Vegan Suede, is this a thing?

The Science: My definition of Vegan Suede is “A material made from polyester fibers (plastic), using no animal byproducts, that delivers the weight, texture and performance similar to the performance of natural suede”. Since polyester is a plastic, it is inherently durable, stain repellent and significantly cheaper than natural suede. The faux material being plastic can potentially be its downfall if not cared for correctly. Over time plastics dry and crack just like leather so cleaning and conditioning is just as important. Continue reading Bomber Season Part 5: Vegan Suede, is this a thing?

Bomber Season Part 4: The ASOS Bomber

Bombers jackets are getting more and more versatile with the experimentation with designs an materials. I see the bomber as an everlasting staple in menswear styles. And now you can see your favorite models, influencers and artists wearing bombers with cropped chinos and loud button downs or in place of their tailored coat to a black-tie-affair. Try a wool bomber with your nicest pair of leather boots, slim tapered chinos and a pattered button-down shirt and turn heads as you walk past! Continue reading Bomber Season Part 4: The ASOS Bomber

A Taft Review: The Jack Boot In Oxblood

I am thoroughly impressed by these boots from the look to the quality to the price for this unique style!  Taft runs a “second’s” sale each year and there was no way I was going to miss it.  I got my pair before they all sold out 12 minutes after the sales began.  After 9 long minutes of deliberation, I decided to go with the dark rich oxblood colored leather Jack Boot. Continue reading A Taft Review: The Jack Boot In Oxblood

Warby Parker Home Try-on Review

How often have you been shopping and find yourself having to make a difficult decision between several items?  Or how many times have you purchased something just to find out you don’t actually love the color or the fit?  Finding the right pair of glasses has put me in the same predicament several times in the past and Warby Parker has a one-of-a-kind solution to … Continue reading Warby Parker Home Try-on Review

Bomber Season Part 3: Green with Envy

The Suave: Introducing… The Green Bomber! A new Justice League member?  This bomber isn’t faster than a speeding bullet and can’t leap a tall building in a single bound.  I have expressed my love for bomber jackets in previous posts and this one I received as a birthday gift from my wife has easily become my favorite.  The sheen of this jacket is what really … Continue reading Bomber Season Part 3: Green with Envy

Huarache Ultra Run Review

New York is a walking, biking public transport type city but I stuck to the pedestrian form during my explorations and for that I needed comfortable yet stylish.  I purchased a pair of Huaraches Ultra Run’s a couple months ago and decided to pack them because of the excellent reviews I read about their comfort.   And let’s be clear these are an all-around dope looking sneaker.  I had never worn these shoes and was a bit worried about all the walking I’d be doing that day because of the typical 3-4 wears it takes to break-in sneakers until they are comfortable.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these shoes did not require any breaking in and they felt like I’d been wearing them for the past year.  Overall I give these sneakers a 5 out of 5 for style and comfort, I love them and will definitely buy more. Continue reading Huarache Ultra Run Review