Bomber Season Part 5: Vegan Suede, is this a thing?

By now we’ve seen documentaries and read articles about ‘Going Vegan’ but, what the heck is Vegan Suede???  Well, it’s faux suede so technically the term vegan can be considered accurate because the garment wasn’t made using animals.  Whether this jacket is vegan or full on Porter House it is absolutely amazing.  I found it hidden in the back of the Banana Republic store during a 50% off sale.  Can you say steal?  I tried it on and immediately sent my wife a picture saying it was coming home with me. 

I applaud BR’s marketing team for being aware of the current vegan diet trends and using this term to reintroduce faux suede to consumers in a sexier way.  Instead of traditional suede this jacket is made from a full synthetic (polyester) shell with no inner lining.  It is surprisingly lightweight and exceptionally smooth and soft to the touch.  It has a slight bit of stretch which allows free movement while wearing.

The rich dark brown color aligns with BR’s unique and luxurious color pallet and compliments the darker tones they offer in tops and bottoms.  The zippers are silver and provide a nice contrast with the dark color of the vegan suede. 

I chose the pair this jacket with a simple white band collar shirt, black denim and black leather boots.  The dark brown is just light enough to provide a contrast to the black jeans and shoes.  I really think the silver of the zippers bring the two colors together nicely.

The Science: My definition of Vegan Suede is “A material made from polyester fibers (plastic), using no animal byproducts, that delivers the weight, texture and performance similar to the performance of natural suede”.  Since polyester is a plastic, it is inherently durable, stain repellent and significantly cheaper than natural suede.  The faux material being plastic can potentially be its downfall if not cared for correctly.  Over time plastics dry and crack just like leather so cleaning and conditioning is just as important.  Check this link out describing proper faux suede care.         

The Suave: Don’t think of faux materials as bad quality or something to stay away from. As companies focus more on environmental sustainability, they move to producing options using innovative materials that produce the same look, feel and longevity of natural materials.  If it looks good to you, get it! Just make sure you take care of it! Materials are just materials, fashion is just the new trend, style is the only part of this that you own so wear what makes you happy and wear it with confidence!  Here is the link the Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket

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