Superdry for The Rest of Winter

After a recent tease of temps in the upper 50’s, we are back to typical weather for this time of year in the Midwest. Good thing I haven’t packed my winter clothing away just yet, because there’s another cold snap heading this way.
I got this coat during Superdry’s 2018 Black Friday sale and it has definitely come in handy this winter. I needed a nice heavy coat in black, because black always looks good, and figured I’d try a new brand. While searching online I found Superdry. After seeing their great prices and updated styles I did my due diligence of reading reviews on the brand. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the few 1-2 star ratings were based on sizing.
I love the fit of this coat and a common concern I have when purchasing outerwear is that the waist and sleeves are usually much too big for my taste. However, that was not the case here. The sleeves, chest and body were designed with a taper. That means no trip to the tailor. Look at me, saving time and money!
I typically wear a large (42R-L) coat but move to an XL in European brands and this same upsizing approach worked for my Superdry coat.
The shoulder and collar detail add the type of flare on my coats since I like wearing the collars standing up. The branding on the shoulder is in matte black metal and flows nicely into the coat with great subtley.
Although the coat is nicely fitted I have great range of motion. Bending, stretching and even driving are no issue and I stay comfortable wearing this coat all day. Oh, and this coat is heavy, much heavier than I anticipated based on the price. Which was a nice surprise. Overall, this has been great addition for me and I would definitely buy another coat from Superdry in the future.

And I can’t forget to highlight my footwork for this shoot! Taft boots always keep me stylish and warm and did I say stylish?

The Science:

You already know my common theme with the best way to stay warm in the winter. Wool, wool wool! You can’t go went with heavyweight natural fibers in the winter. They are your best and secret weapon. Browse my other posts to learn more about the structure and benefits of natural fibers.

The Suave:

The official name of this coat store is a “Bridge” coat. Which essentially means it’s a pea coat that extends to the knee. Due to my height the length is good for protecting my legs from the wind and even the rain in some cases. For this shoot I took a turn to casual wear with a black Paper Planes jumper, grey wash rapid movement demon from Banana Republic, black Rome boots from Taft and my black Superdry bridge coat to bring it all together.

Ever heard of Superdry? What do you look for in a winter coat?

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