French Grapes for the Kentucky Derby Style

We are in that sweet spot in May, where the temperatures are mild in the morning and summery in the afternoons. So what does that mean for your daily shoes choices? Plan for the morning or afternoon temperatures? I say doesn’t matter, you should always choose boots! From reading my other posts you can see boots are my style, so even in this case, boots are still the way to go!

I felt inspired by the bright summery colors typical of traditional Kentucky Derby fashion. A checked button down with pink and blue hues under a heathered pink, linen sport coat gave way to the perfect contrast of deep burgundy pants and boots. I like to say I pulled this look off pretty well while making sure I didn’t give my co-workers sensory overload from a collection of bright Derby-esque pastels.

My Gallagher boots in Bordeaux from Beckett and Simonon were a perfect match for a dapper, office appropriate, derby look. And honestly, of the three pairs of Beckett Simonon shoes I own, these boots fit the absolute best. The Yates and Valencia’s fit very well but these feel even better to the point they feel custom made for me. For the quality, great style and fit of these boots your can’t beat the price at $219 shipped.

This was the first day of no rain in the area for quite some time, so I had no concerns with walking around in leather soled boots. I rather prefer leather soles versus rubber because feel they deliver a more sleek and lassic silhouette. Although the afternoon air was warm and humid my feet stayed cool and did not experience the same suffocating feel I’ve had in other pairs of boots in warm weather. Breathability… a true benefit to using natural, high quality leather for the shoe and boot uppers. Kudos Beckett Simonon, thank you for your high quality products.

The Science: Bordeaux is not only a color but a region in France known for producing wine made with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes which, deliver it’s dark rich color. Fashion always finds its roots in the environment and the color inspiration for many garments including the Bordeaux leather staining is no different.

The Suave: The Bordeaux or burgundy color is traditionally held sacred for clothing in the fall and winter months because of it’s dark, rich tone and it’s complimenting hue to the changing foliage. I personally love it and own several blazers, pairs of pants and accessories with the variants of the color. Bordeaux reminds me of elegance that I usually only feel when I’m wearing black. Regardless of the season and traditional fashion rules… I wear what I like when I want and that means including deep colors looker Bordeaux in my wardrobe all year. This dark color is perfect at the office and or night out with the wife paired with slim dark denim that’s sure to draw plenty of looks. If you haven’t already I strongly urge you to check out the great offerings on the Beckett Simonon site, you will not be disappointed!

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