Trading My WFH Uniform for a Linen Blazer

Finding joy in the face of stressful situations is a form of resistance

We can all agree… This year seems like it’s passing us by before our eyes! Working from home since March, restaurants bars closed for most of the year, concerts and other outdoor events canceled until 2021….CRAZY! I haven’t had much reason to wear anything but sweat pants/shorts, t-shirts and sneakers and that what I see from everyone else on every virtual meeting I have.  It was an odd feeling to throw my wingtips going to the office a few times but it was a refreshing change.  That got me thinking, “just because I’m home doesn’t mean I can’t continue to be creative”.  It felt good to play around with my wife’s new camera and create this one. 

Pushed up sleeves Miami Vice Style???

With only a few weeks of summer left and restaurants and bars opening in many areas, there are more and more activities happening and of course more reason to get fly and step out.  It’s still summer so linen is still a go!

Soft wrinkles for character

I found this shirt on the sale rack in H&M and thought “yeah, I can make this work”.  I reached in the back of my closet and pulled out my cream linen blazer which gave me brightness against the darker back drop of the leafy brown foliage on the shirt.   I think this came out pretty fire.

H&M clearance rack FTW

I’ve heard a lot of people associate linen with the older crowds but I think more people should embrace it.  Not only can it look really good, it’s a very functional materials for warm humid environments.  The Old School Players must know what they doin’. 

The Science: Linen is derived from the Flax plant just as other natural fibers are from their respective plants.  We are usually coached to wear cotton on the summer months because of its wicking ability and quick drying characteristics.  Well, linen is cotton’s 1-upper.  Linen is lighter than cotton and dries faster than also making it more ideal for summer weight garments.  Linen boasts a higher tensile strength than cotton making it one of the strongest natural fibers used in garment making. It’s natural cream or tan color makes it perfect for Spring to Summer too Fall wardrobes.

The Suave: It’s soft, wrinkly, and lightweight, perfect for that rooftop party, brunch date or blog topics while COVID has made you a recluse.  It took me a while to really embrace the wrinkles that you’ll never banker to iron out but the key here is to steam out hard lines and leave the soft wrinkles alone.  Once you sit down, cross your arms the wrinkles will show up again.  Embrace the wrinkles and don’t put your light blue, pink or tan linen blazers in storage just yet!  Add them to your Fall wardrobe and watch how a pair tan suede Chelsea boots and your cream linen blazer make you new Fall look straight fire!

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