Yes We Can… Style a Fedora Feat. Goorin Bros.

If you’ve been out in the world or on Instagram in the past few years you’ve noticed a resurgence of hats as a staple accessory on the mend fashion scene. Not your typical fitted baseball cap but classic styles like ranchers, fedoras, flat caps and the like. While IG surfing, I came across an amazing hat brand called Goorin Bros. , that offered some pretty eye-catching fedora designs. I started my typical online research procedure skimming reviews, style offerings, manufacturing practices and of course the checking out the YouTube content.


I only saw positive reviews about the hats and customer service. I am still weary of making a purchase on an item where I have no in-person experience with it so I didn’t hold out much luck with being able to visit a store. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a Goorin Bros hat shop in Las Vegas while there for a wedding and am so glad I found it!

From Google Maps

I tried on few different hats while there and instantly fell in love with several! The “Yes We Can” fedora in rust with a 2 3/4″ flip-up brim was a must for me. The proportions of the brim fit my face and beard and complimented the width of my shoulders very well. The height of the crown was a perfect fit for my high curly hair and the rich rust color is a perfect Fall compliment. The sweat band is a multi colored fabric material with the words “SI SE PUEDE” stitched in which translates to “yes we can” in English. Extensive details like this are what separate an OK design from a great design.

The Suave: In my opinion this is a amazing looking wide-brim fedora that’s perfect for casual wear. In this look I styled it with a yellow sweatshirt, light wash tapered denim, brown leather boots and a camel topcoat. The leather band on the on the crown gives the hat a rugged, casual feel with unique spin. The stiff brim allows me to wear the hat low on my brow or tilted back on my head and it keeps the same classy, casual look. I love the weight and quality feel of this hat. The deep rich color will look great with blue’s, brown’s, green and I can even envision a dope all black outfit with the final touch being this rust colored crown.

The Science: Now to the fun stuff… The science! **Common theme alert** The base material for this hat is wool! And it’s only fair I talk about wool in my first Fall post of 2019. The wool used in Goorin Bros. hats are sourced from Merino and rambouillet sheep. This wool offers unique attributes such as natural odor, antimicrobial and water resistance. The user of wool also doubles as a cost effective option for classic fedoras in place of the traditional beaver or rabbit pelt hats that are 2-3x the price of wool hats. The hats also deliver the same temperature regulating benefits I’ve described in previous posts covering wool clothing properties.

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