It’s The Weekend! What Are You Carrying?

It’s the middle of Summer and your probably have a few vacations/weekend trips under your belt with more to come. The spontaneous weekend trips are always the best to me but packing can still be tedious. Having a great weekend bag [that meets Delta carry-on regulations] has saved me from myself when it comes to over-packing. Long story short, if you don’t have a weekend bag yet… go get one! This is the perfect a necessary items for all your items on that quick weekend getaway when a backpack just won’t cut it. You can thank me later!

Check out the Aldo, Cashour Duffel here.

The Science: In my “Bomber Season Part 5…” post I discuss the the use of textiles in place of genuine leather. The same applies here where the outer shell and all leather-like parts are made of textured polyurethane. That means this bag is made of plastic, which can be embossed to present a natural leather texture and can be dyed to replicate colors often seen in leather goods. In my opinion, genuine leather lasts longer than poly’s as long as it is taken care of but goods made of poly can last a long time and are very durable for the most part. Scientists and manufacturers have continued to improve the look, feel and longevity of these materials making them a great buy for thier price and a significant competitor of natural materials goods.

The Suave: I needed something functional for a quick trip and the aesthetic of Aldo men’s bags are unmatched outside of luxury brands. Staying in the lighter brown family, the contrasting colors of the handles and accents on the lighter washed camel color body give off a unique palette. The pebbled texture of the poly put you in the mindset of a high-end luxury leather bag minus the soft, buttery feeling. The shoulder strap also adds a great accent with a pad matching the color of the bag handles on a Red, White and Blue strap. This bag has been perfect for quick trips and I’ve received plenty of “where can I get that bag” questions on IG.

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