Bomber Season Part 4: The ASOS Bomber

When I think of bomber jackets, I’m usually picturing thinner satin or nylon shells with little to no fill.  And this makes sense because this is the typical design trend we see in the market, until I found a wool, Winter weight bomber.  I was skimming the ASOS site, in the jacket section because I really need another one (*sarcastic tone*) and saw this beautiful brown bomber with gold tone zipper accents.  The color drew me in first then the price, then I read in the description the material used and was surprised to see Wool at the top, so I figured I’d give it ago.  In about a week I had the jacket at my front door.

Without going into too much detail, wool is one of the most versatile natural materials used in menswear today, good for winter or summer months.  For more info on wool clothing check some my other posts here. The winter has been unseasonably warm so far this year in Cincinnati, but I did wear this jacket out in the subfreezing weather and it held up nicely to the cold and wind.

This shoot was during a rainy, slightly windy, overcast day around 40°F.  Not once did I feel the wind on my upper body and never felt the shill in the air that my head and hands did through the day.

The navy collar and cuffs compliment the brown nicely creating a great contrast and the gold zipper details give the jacket a flashy attention-grabbing pop. 

If you’re in the market for a new bomber consider a wool one, it’ll give you function and style!

The Science: The weight of this jacket is more reminiscent of the traditionally heavy, fur lined, M1-A flight jackets used during the world wars before fighter jets had closed cockpits.  Instead of being lined with fur using wool as the outer shell blocks wind with its coarse texture and seals in heat with its tube-like structure. The polyester fill adds density and an additional layer, but the wool is the workhorse for warmth.

The Suave: Bombers jackets are getting more and more versatile with the experimentation with designs an materials. I see the bomber as an everlasting staple in menswear styles.  And now you can see your favorite models, influencers and artists wearing bombers with cropped chinos and loud button downs or in place of their tailored coat to a black-tie-affair.  Try a wool bomber with your nicest pair of leather boots, slim tapered chinos and a pattered button-down shirt and turn heads as you walk past!

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