Winter Style Upgrade With Canali



You’ve spent countless hours scrolling through IG for inspiration, browsing articles in GQ, consulting with your tailor and of course, shopping to build and perfect your suit collection.  But now it’s cold outside too cold to just wear your wool suit to work or out on date night.  If you just layer up underneath your suit you run the risk of looking like the Michelin Man, especially if your suit is a very slim-fit cut.  Not to mention, you don’t want to sweat for 8 hours in the office because you dressed for your morning and evening commute.  You’re hooded parka may not always compliment the rest of your dress and that bubble coat you wear to the ski park won’t cut it.  So how do you keep your sense of style but stay warm this winter? Canali has the perfect solution!

Canali Tag

Canali boasts a rich heritage in crafting quality, Italian made menswear from fine wool suits to handmade calfskin shoes.  The craftsmanship seen in Canali suits extends to the amazing outerwear offerings that will be sure to solve your “cold-weather blues” while improving your suave style.

As we transition in to the colder weather and rain storms are more frequent than in years past the water repellent Super 150s Wool Car Coat in a beautiful shade of Bordeaux, is the perfect functional accent for your wardrobe.  Bordeaux Super 150s Wool Waterproof Car Coat 2This car coat will keep you warm on the cool damps mornings with the quilted interior, which is also removable to ensure you won’t overheat during your warmer after-work commute.  It boasts a waterproof super 150s wool shell that is both elegant and functional which will compliment any suit or blazer you wear over it.

Bordeaux and Beige Wool-Alpaca Overcoat with Top ConstructionNovember through February the Midwestern United states usually means frigid temperatures and the occasional ice storm.  Just because the weather isn’t pleasant does not mean you have to sacrifice your style.  A quality wool coat is worth the price and the overcoats offered by Canali are no different.  When building wardrobes for myself and friends I look for quality pieces that are unique.  Plaid and textured pieces always catch my eye and the Canali overcoats did just that.  Their 100% wool overcoats will boost your winter with classic yet unique styles.  Canali offers several heavyweight wool overcoats from shoes which are sure to compliment any winter outfit.  Although it was a difficult choice, my top 3 favorites are below.

Charcoal Gray Waterresistant Wool KEI Overcoat

  1. Charcoal Grey Water-resistant Wool KEI Overcoat – With a slim silhouette and subtle Tartan, charcoal print this coat is my winner. The soft, dark, Tartan print offers a look of elegance that can complement any tuxedo.  This coat pairs perfectly with light grey wool trousers and a pair of black leather derby’s.  What I like about this coat aside from its water-resistant functionality, is that it delivers the quality that I look for in my clothing and conveys my style without taking the “in-your-face” approach.Blue Melange Double-breasted Overcoat 1
  2. Blue Mélange Double-breasted Overcoat– I probably own more blue coats than I need…wait, what am I talking about? I could never have too many coats! I am in awe of the visual texture in this coat.  The double-breasted closure and peak lapels add a classical look and the tailored silhouette incorporates contemporary style.  It is still hard for me to think of this coat as number 2, especially when paired with Canali’s Bordeaux Desert BootsBlue Wool and Cashmere KEI Coat with Checks
  3. Blue Wool and Cashmere KEI Coat with Checks – Like I said, I like blue, a lot, and although this is blue the print attracted me first. This is not your typical run of the mill plain navy coat and I’d call this artwork instead of print thanks to the carefully placed symmetric lines.  The overlapping lines in conjunction with the wool and cashmere blend create a high definition contrast of blue hues.  Although this coat is number 3 on my list it is probably the most versatile.  It’s color and print allow pairing with any earthy tones and the single-breasted closure ensure you still look good with the coat unbuttoned.  Whether its 1, 2 or 3, every choice is a winner.

While you’re shopping for high quality, one-of-a-kind wool coats visit  Although these pieces can carry a hefty price tag, I do recommend Canali for all your classic menswear needs, from made-to-measure suits to overcoats, to fine leather shoes and accessories.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the Canali brands and what you look for in your winter dress coats.   Feel free to comment like and share with your friends! COme see me on Instagram @thescienceofsuave

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