A Taft Review: The Jack Boot In Oxblood

I am thoroughly impressed by these boots from the unique style to the quality! Taft runs a “second’s” sale each year and there was no way I was going to miss it. I got my pair before they all sold out 12 minutes after the sales began. After 9 long minutes of deliberation, I decided to go with the dark rich oxblood colored leather Jack Boot. One of Taft’s original designs.

IMG_7777 SOS

IMG_7782 SOS
Grey wool upper with oxblood toe caps
  • For those of you who don’t know, “seconds” are shoes/products that usually have minor cosmetic defects, with no structural impacts, that are sold a discounted price.
    IMG_7780 SOS
    Small black scuff on the right side of the toe cap qualifies this pair as a “second”

You have probably seen their shoes and boots show up on your Instagram timeline periodically and if so more than likely they’re in you favorited posts. The contrast of materials used and the colors offered put any color of the Jack boots on every guys “wants” list. Perfect for fall and have even found myself wearing them into Spring because of the light weight design.

I decided to go with a city casual look and paired a grey cotton blazer, white shirt and dark wash denim with the boots. The dark denim contrasts with the lighter grey wool on the upper of the boot and the doesn’t clash with the deep red of the leather heel and toe caps.

The Suave: An amazing pair of boots that are a step away from your normal all leather boots, capturing your unique style in a refined way. I wear mine with denim to add an upscale look to my casual pieces. The style and makes a perfect fit for both the Fall and Spring months but beware that these boots are not weatherproof. I would avoid wearing in the rain as the upper is made of wool and is not waterproof. All around great handmade boot you’ll love to add to your collection.

The Science: The amazing leather quality on Taft boots comes from the chromium-free vegetable tanning process they use. Tanning is the process in which an animal’s hide is turned into leather by treating it with acidic chemicals to alter the protein structure of the leather. This process slows the decay of the hide and toughens it giving the leather it’s. In the process of vegetable tanning, tannin is extracted from tree bark like chestnut, oak or mangrove in place of harsh synthetic chemicals. This process takes about 3 months to complete making vegetable tanned leathers more sought after and higher quality than the synthetic treated counter parts.

Jack Boot in Oxblood: Taft

Grey Slim Fit Cotton Blazer: Express

Dark Wash Denim: Banana Republic

White Dress Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Rose Gold Milanese Watch: MVMT

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