Warby Parker Home Try-on Review

How often have you been shopping and find yourself having to make a difficult decision between several items?  Or how many times have you purchased something just to find out you don’t actually love the color or the fit?  Finding the right pair of glasses has put me in the same predicament several times in the past and Warby Parker has a one-of-a-kind solution to this troublesome problem.


Warby Parker offers a free home try-on, where you can select up to 5 frames and try them out for 5 days!  What other company will give you product to wear around for 5 days before deciding if you want to go ahead with a purchase…for free?

The Warby Parker site has filtering options for frame width, nose bridge height, material and color to name a few that make it easy to find pairs that meet your needs.  I set my filter options, picked my 5 and the frames arrived a few days later.


I took all 5 for a spin over the past week and here are my thoughts on each

The Fletcher Black Matte Eclipse – In a world of bland, single tone frames, The Fletcher rises above the rest.



I tend to stick with larger frames as I feel that they complement the length of my face better than smaller lenses. The Fletcher is a “medium” fit and has measurements of 55-14-145.


The frame boasts a black matte finish, but the true attention grabber can only be seen from the side. A white stripe lines the outer edges of each lens frame, adding a touch of uniqueness.IMG_4253

The Nash in Crystal – This isn’t your typical frame and it’s definitely a head turner. A bold frame that stands out yet compliments any outfit. If you’re ready to escalate you style game 100 points, the Nash is for you!


The Nash is in a “wide” frame with 55-17-145 measurements, which fits and compliments my face well. Although a have a relatively low nose bridge, the Nash frames do not leave an unsightly space between the frames and my nose.IMG_4298.JPG

The Ames in Whiskey Tortoise – The Ames is a true classic with an ode to the horn rim glasses reminiscent of the 1950’s. I absolutely love the classic look of the frame and similar frames were worn by one of the United States most influential leaders, Malcolm X.IMG_4287.JPG

This is also a wide frame with measurements of 54-18-145. The end pieces of frames were a bit wider than I preferred, but I assume that this odds a product of the size of the lenses.IMG_4285.JPG

This style comes in classic black or tortoise. I chose to try out the tortoise since it complements the contents of my wardrobe the best. img_4270.jpg

The Benson in Whiskey Tortoise – As you can see, there is a trend with the Tortoise color and the Benson is a thin classic frame I just had to try.IMG_4328

I couldn’t pass up trying out these classy frames with a key-hole bridge. Unfortunately for me the bridge was very narrow and created a significant gap while I wore them.IMG_4325.JPG

These frames classified as wide and measured in at 52-19-145 and actually looked good aside from the bridge concern. The straight brow line and deep lens frame helped counter the round shape of these frames.

The Crane in Whiskey Tortoise – Since I went with large, deep lens frames in my other selections, with my last pick it was time to move in the other direction. I chose the Crane lenses because they offered a classy, bold look that wasn’t too far away from my current style.IMG_4330.JPG

The Crane frames were also wide measuring 52-18-145. The width and proportions were great but I did not care for these frames on my face as much as the other frames. The Crane frames were excellent looking but it honestly wasn’t a fair fight since these were the last choice not to mention they had the most shallow lenses out of my home try-on kit.

Overall, the Nash in Crystal was my favorite. I have never owned a frame so bold and unique. Besides the amazing look of these frames one of the biggest benefits of shopping with Warby Parker is their price points! Only $95 for Acetate frames with a single vision prescription! At this price I will be adding the Nash and Fletcher to my collection very soon. I urge you to check Warby Parker out and even if you aren’t in the market for glasses right now they very well could change your mind!

The Science: Warby Parker uses acetate for its glasses frames.  Acetate is a cellulose material used as the base material for these frames and fabrics amongst other things and is derived from wood pulp. Unlike plastic, that can have the tendency to loose it’s structure and integrity over time, acetate is strong and can be infused with colors very easily during the manufacturing process.

The Suave: Warby Parker offers extremely stylish glasses and a try-on benefit unavailable from any other brand.  With quality, style and a price that will beat any offer from a big eyewear chain.  Warby Parker is definitely the way to go if you want to maximize the bang for your buck.

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