Bomber Season Part 3: Green with Envy

The Suave:

Introducing… The Green Bomber! A new Justice League member?  This bomber isn’t faster than a speeding bullet and can’t leap a tall building in a single bound.  I have expressed my love for bomber jackets in previous posts and this one I received as a birthday gift from my wife has easily become my favorite.  The sheen of this jacket is what really stands out to me and is a result of the polyester material in the shell.

Green is the color of the season, from Army to Dark Forest.  Don’t let the season pass you without adding some ivy to you closet.

Usually I am attracted to pattered shirts that deliver a unique accent to my outfit that I can center other pieces around however, in this case, I went the opposite direction.  Simple, subtle and classic are three words that describe the plain white button-down shirt perfectly.  Just as the sky on a canvas the shirt provides a backdrop that allows your eyes to be drawn to the jacket and pants.  Chances are you already have a white spread or pinpoint collared shirt in your closet, so the next time you’re out on the town, thrown it on and button that top button but leave the tie at home for a more casual but clean look.

In fashion’s past, joggers were generally worn at home, by athletes or people just trying to be comfortable but with modern designs and material processing you see them everywhere from the grocery store to the office.  I chose dark khaki, twill joggers because of how they perform as the link between the shirt, jacket and boots.  The dark khaki keeps me in the earth tone color arena compliments the green jacket.  The twill cotton material is functional, blocking out the cool morning air.  One of the major benefits to joggers is the tapered leg.  The leg tapering is perfect for showing off the full profile of your favorite pair of boots.  Try a twill jogger in place of your typical jeans for a unique and stylish look this season.

Now for the best part; the boots.  Footwear can make or break your whole outfit, so choose wisely.  Chose a shoe that not only compliments the color scheme you are going for but also the clothing type.  To avoid letting the details of this boot go unnoticed it was important to find bottom that did not take away attention from them.  Again, the tapered leg on the joggers was the key (Major Key).  The strap and moc toe on the toe box was not covered and the entire upper was exposed just as intended.  Perfect boots to complete the perfect 1st Fall outfit.

The Science:

Aside from my bombers beautiful aesthetic, the poly shell also works as an insulator.  Polyester does not absorb moisture the way cotton does and does not let body heat escape as a result.  Poly has a hollow structure that creates a barrier between cooler outside air and the warm air close to your body.  Typically, you are told to stay away from poly as it “does not breathe”. This is somewhat true but don’t worry a poly jacket does not mean you are wearing a Glad trash bag and when the wind starts blowing and the air cools down having clothes with a poly blend will be of benefit.  since they will hold your body heat in.  Think about tightly woven twill or naturally insulating fibers like polyester when building you fall apparel collections

Bomber: Bonobos

Joggers: Zumiez

Boots: Polo

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

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