Bomber Season Part 2: Floral Print Everything

The weather warms during the day and cools at night, GQ Magazine, Blogs and Instagram Profiles are beginning to buzz with seasonal trends.  The most classic and versatile item you will see headlining posts is the lightweight Bomber.  Not jets and planes but the modernized adaptations of the MA-1 jackets that military pilots wore starting in the late 1940’s.  There is a very interesting article covering the history of Bomber Jackets on Complex.  There are several adaptations of the MA-1 flight jacket and I will cover a few options in this series and provide purchase information to help you get ahead of the trends.


Floral patterns have surged into men’s fashion and are no longer reserved for retirees and Hawaiian vacationers! I found this amazing Merona bomber in Target while I was killing time because my wife was in the hair/makeup aisle. 😐


The contrast of blue hues creates the floral pattern that give this bomber it’s unique appeal.  


Paired with a light grey V-neck from English Laundry and orange G-Shock to add some color.  A bright loud color t-shirt would work perfectly because of the bold and eye-catching pattern.


Try pairing it with flat front shorts and a polo for a casual spring city look.

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