70 & Sunny…In February

Atypical weather has been nothing short of uncommon this winter but hey, no complaints from me.  That just means that I get to enjoy outdoor restaurant seating, no salt stains on my shoes and of course delving into the spring wardrobe early.  With this great weather my wife and I took a stroll around downtown Cincinnati to enjoy the Spring-like temperatures, capture the great scenery and provide some casual attire inspiration.



A rule that I like to follow when pairing blazers and slacks is “light jacket, dark slacks” and the inverse when appropriate.  What other color other than sky blue with tangerine accents to usher in Spring.



My tie compliments the orange in my shirt and does not match it perfectly which is key.  When pairing accessories, remember they do not have to be perfect color matches, you want to avoid the “shirt & tie in a box” look.  Choose colors that differ slightly to deliver a unique element to your outfit.



Lapel pins, boutonnieres or broaches are nothing new but have been previously reserved for weddings and proms.  These accessories are much more common in a casual than in the past decade and they can be found in stores from TJ Maxx to Saks Fifth Avenue.


Your pocket square should complement your outfit and don’t be afraid be daring with your print or color selection make the style yours!  I chose small check print to compliment the large check print of my shirt and the small dot print of my tie.  Pocket squares are always an excellent and easy way to liven your blazer.


Blue, Black, Brown and Grey are the overabundant colors you see when shopping for men’s pants and can be rather drab.  So, if you see colors other than that, go for it!  Liven up your wardrobe with colors that are not so common, like theses rust colored chinos.  They work well casually or dappered up!




I hope that you are inspired to begin to think Spring and benefit from the tips discussed.  Share, Like and Comment!


~Where Suave Style Meets Science~


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