Floral Summer

What do music festivals, cookouts, fireworks, beach vacations and day parties have in common?  They are the perfect occasions to wear floral shirts!  Not your grandfather’s flowy silk Hawaiian shirt (although you will see those around) but a better fitting, more stylish version.  What better way to take advantage of the beautiful Independence Day weather than to take a stroll around one of Cincinnati’s gems and show you how I styled my floral print button down and colorful chinos.

The unique and unconventional color is what drew my eyes to this shirt in the store.  In a world with designers creating pieces with bold, bright and sometimes incandescent colors, the faded tones in this shirt gives us a break from the attention seeking hues.  The shirt fabric looks as if it has been turned inside out where the darker, bolder colors are inside the shirt and the faded side is facing the world.


Paired with slim fit, washed Tandoori chinos the faded pinkish flowers stand out much more against the washed blue base color of the shirt.  Weatherproof Vintage officially calls the color of these chinos Tandoori, which does not refer to the Tandoor, a stone oven used to prepare food in Indian culture but rather the orange-reddish color of the food prepared after chili and turmeric is added for seasoning.

Since the shirt is an athletic fit it is important that the pants I chose compliment that silhouette to avoid a sloppy look.


Flowers aren’t just for valentine’s day and plants aren’t exclusive to terrariums, so during your next summer shopping trip be bold!  Pick up that floral button down you saw or buy those shorts with the “Palm Tree” print and make your summer stylish!



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